Transforming cardiology with artificial intelligence

Building AI into the clinical workflow

We're a team of doctors, engineers and scientists on a mission to deliver artificial intelligence to clinics globally

Trained on millions of images from thousands of studies, EchoAI* will enhance the diagnostic and prognostic ability of cardiologists to ultimately improve outcomes for patients.

EchoAI *

AI-powered quantification and strain assessment, seamlessly integrated into the echocardiography reporting workflow


Automatically quantifies chamber volumes and ejection fraction, measured over multiple views and cardiac cycles.


AI-measured strain, giving an objective measure of cardiac function.

DICOM compliant

Seamlessly and securely connects to existing PACS infrastructure using DICOM-TLS

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Vendor neutral

EchoAI* is compatible with ultrasound machines and PACS from most vendors

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Cloud or On-Prem

Securely connect to EchoAI* on the cloud through a VPN, or deploy it on existing infrastructure

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* CAUTION - not yet approved for sale

NVIDIA Inception Startup

Member of the NVIDIA Inception Startup Program since 2018

CMDT Affiliate

Industry Affiliate of the Consortium for Medical Device Technologies

ABI Spinout

Spinout from the Auckland Bioengineering Institute

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